Where should we go in Turkey this winter?

Turkey is a country that is suited by each beautiful season … Every corner from west to east, north to south is worth seeing. I have prepared a route around Turkey for those who like to vacation during the winter months.

We all know of the beauty described in ancient books. The green wrapped like a necklace around rivers, hills upon which one can gaze without end, birds, lanscapes even difficult to imagine. They all do exist. Moreover, right beside us, on the land of Anatolia, heaven on earth…

Against the classic travel writings; we know that the explorer within us must first be awakened in order to start to discover. We will not explain it, we will just carry out a preliminary reconnaissance. To go further, to see and feel is in your hands. Anadolu became a cradle, a civilization as soon as people stood up straight. This is certainly not a coincidence. It is gold in soil, but of the kind that feeds the soul not the pocket. Considering that the explorer within you has started to awaken; let’s move on to our Five in One; Ayder Plateau, Yediqoller, Abant Lake, Sankamis Forests and Palandoken… The pieces of gold from the sky, our new route to refresh our souls.


A winter break in Sarikamis Forests

The castle overlooks the castle, water flows from the castle. The girls of Sankamis light kindling without matches.” There are the words of a song from the Sarikarrus area. While the girls of Sarikamis being able to light kindling without matches are a great description of the cold of the winter, do not let being in the distant beauty of the Sarikarmis Forest scare you. Because while this area which is one with winter is home to the deep and still bleeding wounds of our past, it is one of the must see places for those who wish to rediscover history and nature.

The Sankamis Forests, consisting of Scots pine trees at the highest point in Turkey, with the Sankarms Allahuekber Mountains forming the border of the Natural Park. Sarrkamis Forests, which have the beauty to make the most popular winter destinations of the world envious, has the potential for a rapidly increasing tourism. The Kars-Sankamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort, one of the top five resorts in Turkey in terms of winter sports and winter tourism, is in this same area. Crystal snow, valued by winter sports enthusiasts (seen only in the Swiss Alps and Sarrkarms, a type of snow that is in powder form and is known to be idea for skiing), brings the best ski experience.

The area where the centers for winter sports are located are just 40 kilometers from Kars Airport. Sankamis Forests, one of our hidden treasures, is a place that those wishing to experience winter to the full will be satisfied. Moreover, you can also discover the culture, cuisine and architecture of Kars.


The Blacksea folk song wispered in our era

The Ayder Plateau, located at the side of Rize’s Camlihemsin province, is like a green dream surrounded by misty mountains. If we were to draw a picture of plentifulness, we couldn’t go beyond Ayder. This is really a motherly piece of nature; it doesn’t hide its water, air, or green forest from guests. Every person that sees it wishes to become a photographer, to immortalize the time spent there. A black sea miracle where you can see a thousand varieties of green, experience a shock of oxygen, touch the clouds and fall in love. It has a relatively protected structure and the buildings around are mostly in harmony with nature.

This is an inner oasis of waterfalls, cabins, flowery straits, honey from various flowers and healing hot springs near the Kackar mountains, covered all over with pine trees. Just as we said at the beginning of our article, this cannot be explained, it can only be experienced…

This impressive tourist area is also famous for its hot springs. The Ayder hot springs are said to be a cure for nerve diseases, digestion, the circulatory system, rheumatism and skin diseases, and in the area of the hot springs there are several thermal facilities. You can even receive referrals from hospitals to the Ayder hotsprings.

At the Ayder Plateau, with a rich culinary culture, the taste of steamed anchovies, anchovy balls, cream mihlama and pumpkin soup, some of the exclusive delicacies of the Black Sea, are something else altogether. The Traditional Nurses’ Houses, Bell Tower are among the historical places to be visited. The Polakcur Plateau, 5.5 km from Ayder Plateau, the Avusor Plateau on the first right to Kavrun, the Kavrun Plateau, the largest Plateau in Rize, as well as the Kackar Mountain National Park are among the natural beauties you can see.

Being such a unique area of attraction has led to an increased number of hotels and guest houses for visitors. At Ayder, where nature sports such as rafting and trekking can be carried out, the pleasure of summer and winter are completely different. Furthermore, it takes a total of two and a half hours to reach from Istanbul to Rize, and from Rize to Ayder, an acceptable journey to experience this.


Abant in a white skirt

If you wake up to a grey winter morning one weekend in Istanbul, even your eyes resist waking up. It is at those moments that you should decide to hit the road. It is your right too to indulge, to move away from the norm. The warm two hour car right will be enough to heat you. Then while the weather of Abant may not warm you, the legendary beauty of it will warm you so much, you will be glad you came. Yes, we are not moving away from Bolu, we are going to Abant Lake 30 km from the city center. When you hear the word Abant, the frozen lake and that beautiful house at the short comes to mind, doesn’t it? But that is not all that Abant is.

It Abant, you have the opportunity to ride bicycles in the winter, camp, watch the forest and lakes, enjoy the snow, and if you are lucky, then come face to face with wild animals and have many more interesting experiences. In fact at any facility in Abant, you could even swim in a pool by the fireplace (one of the hotels has a very large, indoor swimming pool with a window to the outside), in a warm room, watching the snow fall.

As it is customary, one must give a little information about the lake, the Abant Lake, formed by landslides on Abant mountain, is at 1328 meters above sea level. In the lake, the deepest part of which is 18 meters, there are trout that are native only to here. One last reminder, if you are to visit Abant when it is snowing, do not forget your snow tyres and chains.


A poetic beauty Yedigoller

The whispering forests of Ayder Plateau, quite literally sing in the place we will visit now; a mystical melody arising from each tree in the Yediqoller Natural Park. It stretches from Rize to Bolu, and we invite you, even for a short period of time, from that life-draining experience of life to the lap of nature. We will learn what it is to walk in snowy beech woods. With Nazim’s poems in our ears; for some of us youth, for some of us the country of which we dream is far away. To live is valuable with every moment and every form. We are in the heart of these free forests; yearning for freedom of the forests and brotherly feelings. Yediqoller is a place to find peace, and refreshment, where nature takes on every colour like the palette of a master painter.

At most three and a half hours from Istanbul, it is a somewhat hidden area. Bolu’s rugged terrain does not give easy passage, but if you do not give up, an unforgettable nature experience awaits you and your family.Yediqoller Natural Park has a rich vegeration that is reminiscent of “Sea Forest”, with lakes formed by landslides. The ever increasing number of deer, roe deer, bears, wild boars, wolves, foxes and squirrels in the surroundings of the park and near vicinity, reminds us of a universe that is long forgotten.

The best views of the Yediqoller Natural Park can be seen from Kapankaya. While it is possible to see the lakes and the unique beauty of the lanscapes, it is possible to follow the trail at the side of the road, visit the momerial tree and deer breeding area. There is the possibility of camping, picnics, hiking in nature, photography, with Yediqoller also offering accommodation. While it may be difficult to reach the area in winter, reaching Yediqoller after an adventurous journey through the Mengen road, to enjoy the calm and oxygen filled atmosphere is priceless.


The ancient summit of Anatolia: Palandoken

The last ring of the five, which we recommend that you must see this winter, Palandoken. Paland6ken, one of the mountains synonymous with Erzurum, is one of the most important winter tourism centers in Anatolia. Moreover, the interest from local and foreign tourists increasing each year is increasing the standards of the facilities in the area, offering better facilities to guests. Palandoken is a winter sports centre, however it is an indispensible stop for those wishing to feel the wind of the peak on their faces. Those that step foot off the plane can be skiing within half an hour, because Palandoken is only 5 kilometers to Erzurum.

While the Dragon Piste is 7200 meters, other pistes are of varying difficulty, with a total distance of 20 km. As we said at the beginning, do not say “what am I doing here this winter day” to get away from the stresses of life. When you discover the beauty of winter, you fall in love not with the sun, but with white, with the beauty of a frozen lake or forests telling endless stories. Moreover, each new experience brings a fresh power for survival, a new enthusiasm and a mind full of hope…

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