Timeless, luxurious fashion: Aigner

The journey of Aigner began 50 years ago when designer Etienne Aigner presented his first handbag collection in New York People in the 1950s were so excited about Aigners exclusive leather creations because ever since the invention of the “steamer trunk” there had been no real innovations in travel luggage. In 1965, Etienne Aigner met Heiner H. Rankl (a businessman with a keen feel for the future and an equally strong sense of tradition) in Munich and the cult brand of AIGNER was born.

In its half century of history, Aigner has become a cult favorite with its timeless style offering unique leather craftsmanship to fashion enthusiasts in more than 20 countries worldwide. And we asked global marketing department couple of questions.

Aigner is a special brand with a timeless style. However, it is important to sustain the spirit throughout the years. Can you explain what features of the brand have helped it remain popular these 50 years?

Aigner has meticulously selected all materials for its handbags since its establishment. The most important of all is that Aigner handcrafts every detail on the handbags with finesse and the highest quality. Aigner is a brilliant combination of German precision and Tuscan tradition and these high standards are the most important feature of the brand.

Which are the most popular designs?

The most popular and essential iconic model of Aigner is “Cybill” The timeless design reveals itself in this model, which appears in every collection with brand new textures and colors.

Which products are we going to see in brand stores and what are the outstanding trends of the season?

The Fall/Winter Collection can be found at brand stores at the moment. Mighty hills, mountains, colors and textures in nature meet the style of modern life in this collection. Chiseled lines and structures and poetic views of the season were the inspirations of Christian Beck, creative director of Aigner, who designed the new collection and decided to name it “Epic Heights:” A special leather texture, braid and fur effects, color blocks and fine details are featured in the collection. The collection features various shades of gray, beige, dark brown, cinnamon and rosewood to depict the forests, nature and mountains. Aigner calls these colors Clover Flower Pink, Scarlet Red and Bellflower Blue in its collection.

You worked with Iris Apfel, a fashion legend, during the launch of your Fall/Winter collection. What can you say about the similarities between Iris Apfel and you?

There are icons who brand and inspire every season from past to present. Whilst guiding the whole generation, these style icons also lead the creation of other new icons. Surrounded by architecture and fashion design growing up, and therefore having vast experience and know-how, Iris Apfel has always been popular as a result of her genuine style, which reflects her experiences. Continually trying to innovate in pace with the ever-changing world but never spoiling her genuine style, soul and character, Iris’ attitude is similar to the brand vision of Aigner. Emphasizing timeless styles and ageless icons, Apfel also highlights these features in our designs.

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