Eat organic foods for better sleep and happiness

It is observed that some of the people suffering from stress, depression and insomnia tend to tea excessively and uncontrollably to be happy besides escaping from the environment that makes them unhappy. This inevitably leads to weight gain. İf you are going to eat something to make yourself happy, you can do it with healthy options that will help your happiness with their ingredients.

“It is not surprising that those sleep better at night are happier in the morning. A relaxing herbal tea you will have before you go to sleep will help you sleep better and wake up happier”

Chamomile tea for stress

To get rid of your daily stress, you can have a cup of chamomile tea after dinner. You will feel more comfortable and you will not have trouble sleeping at night.

organic foodsFood that relieves fatigue

With beets, cabbage, celery, spinach and broccoli you can reduce your fatigue. All these vegetables contain nitrate. Nitrate accelerates blood flow, soothes the nerves, relieves fatigue and regulates intestinal movements. You can make yourself an anti-fatigue, energizing soup containing these foods once or twice a week. Here’s a recipe for you: White cabbage, red beet and stalk, celery, spinach, garlic, onion… Chop all these into cubes and cook in water with a little oil. You can consume with yogurt to have a satisfying and more nutritious meal.

Tips to calm down

Polemonium, passiflora, klammath weed, chamomile, melissa… You can find these plants as tea in the market individually or as a mixture. You can have a glass an hour before bed. Syrup and preparation forms of these plants are also available in the market. You can also take advantage of these herbal ingredients after getting permission from your doctor.

To prevent depression …

Vitamin D: Vitamin D, which is extremely useful for the brain, bones and the skeleton, is also related to depression. A study found out that lack of vitamin D in middleged subjects triggers depression. You can spend an hour in the open air every day to get vitamin D. Fatty fish, liver and egg yolks also contain vitamin D.

B complex vitamins: It has a very important effect on brain health. Serious problems such as nervous system disorders and anxiety disorders may occur in case of absence of B complex vitamins. Vitamin B12 sources are beef, oysters, liver, mussels and crabs.

Phytochemicals: New research shows that plant-derived foods are rich in bioactive chemicals. Phytochemicals have an effect on normal brain functions and mental health. Foods containing flavonoids among phytochemicals are apple, chocolate, grapefruit, orange, lemon, green and black tea, black mulberry.

Omega-3: It plays an active role in the prevention and treatment of depression. You should consume fish at least 2 times a week to this end. Taking Omega-3 supplements with antioxidants and food results in more effective results. A DHA level below 20 grams in an adult human brain causes depression due to a decrease in serotonin levels.

“Prepare a vegetable soup at home and have a bowl of it every day. With beets, cabbage, celery, spinach, and broccoli will help in reducing your fatigue”

organic foodsHow does your eating style affect your happiness?

Problems such as forgetfulness, fatigue, restlessness, depression are directly related to nutrition. The frequency of these problems in people with the following eating habits increases. What should be done is to reverse this list:

  • Incorrect and irregular nutrition,
  • Excess consumption of foods with low nutritional value, high simple carbohydrate content,
  • Not paying attention to the balanced intake of fats in the diet,
  • Excessive consumption of caffeinated and acidic drinks,
  • Being overweight or too thin.

organic foods


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7 ways to happiness

We wait for something to happen to us to be happy, but this not exactly the right way. Because good things just do not happen themselves that often. We need to chase them, catch them and include them in our lives. I will try to show you the ways that will help you be happier.

Is happiness possible in 7 steps?

Using magical words is not right, of course, but you can be happier with a few changes you will make in the way you perceive the world. Among the alternative ways of reaching happiness, I can offer you seven

  1. Live today, not the past.
  2. Allow some changes in your life. When necessary, change your job, your friends, and your environment.
  3. Learn to say “no“. Learn that this is not as bad as you think.
  4. Reward yourself.
  5. Develop hobbies or do sports.
  6. Help others.
  7. Get a pet.

Live todayTo live today not the past

As the first step towards happiness, leaving the past is a very important place for our mental health to carry on with out lives and to live today. After a while, living our life under the shadow of our past can bring us many negative emotions along with unhappiness. Constantly thinking about past mistakes also leads to the formation of feelings of worthlessness, the disappearance of self-confidence, and the permanent effects of moodiness.

7 ways to happinessTo live today well: Just Change!

In addition to putting the past aside, when we consider our lives today, we can encounter problems at some point, which will upset us, wear us, and sometimes age us. Sometimes it is to feel stuck due to the increasing responsibilities, changing expectations and more apparent indecisiveness after a certain age. Indeed, it would have been very boring if everything went well. If we knew the end of everything and had a comfortable life in every sense, we would have lost many of our feelings. However, we do not have to learn and live in situations that will make us unhappy and adapt to such a life, For example, if the mobbing you experience at work has come to a point where it will make it hard for you even to get up in the morning, if the mess in your family gets worse every day, if people around you no longer understand you and tell you
what you should and should not do, if your living space is upsetting you, there is no good for you or people around you in waiting and trying to adapt.

Minor changes in your life will make you feel more relaxed than you could ever expect and will make you feel as happy as you have not felt a long time. Unfortunately, some people are very resistant to change. Getting out of their comfort zone may seem as dangerous as getting a ticket for the endless train of catastrophes. But life often does not improve itself, without taking risks, without living the changes. Some people think they are unlucky, unhappy, sometimes punished or cursed because they can not take risks, even though they constantly complain about their lives.

Acknowledging and accepting all the negative conditions makes them even more unhappy. Those who find a new job, get help with problems in their family and staying away from people giving them bad energy, feel themselves refreshed and enjoy their happiness.

When you say “no” they will continue to love you

7 ways to happiness

Another secret of being happy is saying “No”. Saying “no” to people we know or do not know can be hard in terms of our social sensitivity and emotionalism. We can say that it is quite natural and nice for us to help as much as we can to a person who wants something from us, but if that person has made it a habit and is trying to reach his/her goal to use us, something is wrong here. Constantly trying to do what others want in order not to upset them, to get them like us, not to be misunderstood can cause both of our confidence to decrease and the other person’s ego to increase above normal.

7 ways to happinessIs rewarding yourself too unlikely for you?

Rewards may be considered as one of the factors that make us happy, no matter how old we are, in which period of our life we are. Whether a working person, a housewife, a retired person or a student, stopping for a moment in this nonstop war of life and doing something good for ourselves will make us happy and motivate us against life. There is no need for an expensive jewelry or an expensive car to make a person happy. A material reward may be a book or a holiday. If we think about the spiritual dimension, we can actually create countless alternatives. A beautiful evening spent with our loved ones, an allocated self-time, sometimes a good night’s sleep can be considered among the spiritual rewards that will increase our happiness.

Devote some time for your hobbies and sports

7 ways to happinessTalking about the self-time, sports and hobbies are very useful. The sports we mostly neglect but also do not want to give up at times when we do will enable serotonin and endorphin hormones to work and make us will feel happy even if we do not want to. Doing sports in a gym or sometimes around your home will make you feel more rested and energetic at the same time.

Help others

7 ways to happinessApart from trying to make ourselves happy all the time, another secret to being happy is to help other people and animals. It is perhaps one of the world’s most peaceful happiness to reach out to those who need help in a material or spiritual sense. Helping an elderly cross the road, giving priority to the disabled, and sometimes helping a woman her stroller can lead to a different happiness that the person can not understand.

Adopting pets

Speaking of the importance of animals in our lives, adopting a pet and feeding it, protecting it, growing it can be listed as the greatest happiness that the world will present to humankind.

Get support from experts

As long as you have your physical health and strength, you may try many ways to achieve happiness, but when your spiritual health deteriorates, neither physical health can move you, nor your behavioral actions can guide your happiness.

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What do the most famous of children’s books tell us?

Readding, a habit of great importance for the development of our children, is a great help in steering our thougth and feelings. In order to have a part in this habit, we discuss the children’s books amoung the world classics and the important messages they have in honor of this mount’s Children’s Book Week.

Properly raising our children, our greatest treasures, is on the top of our list of ideals. Knowledge learned in childhood being memorable, and showing itself throughout life causes us to be constantly following our children and being protective of them. When leaving our treasures as a legacy to the world, our greatest source on pride I believe would be to see them with a strong character, conforming to the concepts of virtue, morality and humanity… In order to achieve this we must install our children with the love of reading, which is of great importance for every age. A love of reading, spoken about by Nobel Prize-winning author Maxim Gorky as “Every book has taken me from the crowds, from the ordinary to humanity, to humanism, and is a step to understand a better life, and to experience a deep thirst for it.”, when adopted at a young age allows for individuals who know what to do in difficult times, who are successful and sensitive to the world to emerge.

While children’s books develop the imagination, they are a great hope in the most unbearable moments of life. While acquiring new friends, they allow you to get to know other lives and even go beyond Mount Qaf. Children’s books, which present various subjects from a deep conversation with a fox, a prince searching for the truth, a fish trying to find freedom, and the harm of being greedy, are not just guides for young people, but also adults. World Children’s Book Day, celebrated in the second week of November every year, focuses on the love of reading which must be instilled in our children. During this beautiful week, we have featured educational children’s books who have never lost their value. Perhaps tomorrow you can select one and give yourself and your children a brand new world.


A new year; a new you

We all need new beginnings. There are areas we want to improve, habits we want to change and emotions we want to get rid of Turn a new leaf for your targets such as enrolling to a dance course or learning a new language which you never had the chance to. Take care of your physical and mental health and focus on steps you can take for your society and the world…

Vitamin D, is a great hormone of calcium metabolism. It assists absorption of calcium in the intestines and re-absorption of calcium from the kidneys. Risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease increase in individuals with vitamin D deficiency while cognitive functions deteriorate. Vitamin D is also important for our natural immune system. There is an increasing correlation with a long life and vitamin D. In other words, if you want to live a longer life and not forget what you lived, don’t underestimate vitamin D. Our body produces the vitamin D it requires when type B ultraviolet sunbeams touch the skin. Vitamin D levels of a lot of people are low even in Turkey, which has a high number of sunny days. This is because we are enjoying sun less and less due to the requirements of the modern age. Due to electronic entrapments (like phones, computers, TV, etc.), we spend most of our time indoors. We don’t want to disturb you right when we’re entering a New Year but one of the targets you set for yourself for the New Year should be spending more time outdoors. Make a habit of spending time outdoors by exposing your hands, ankles and face to sunlight at least for 40 minutes a day. You will feel more energetic and happy…

Let go and forgive

Enter a new year by letting go of all resentments of the past year. It is not easy but this will be an award you will give yourself this year. Forgiving means replacing your rage against another human being or towards yourself with love. Look what Dr. Davut ibrahimoglu says: “By forgiving, you get rid of the pressure of justifying yourselves all the time due to rage, hatred, pain, accusations and feeling victimized. If you hate someone or something, even if you turn around and walk away, you will be tied with a ring to them even stronger than steel. Forgiving is the only solution to free yourselves from this ring. This is also very beneficial for your health. For example, Frederic Luskin and his team of Stanford University invited 259 subjects to six one and a half hour sessions in an experiment in San Francisco. Subjects shared their bad memories and talked within themselves to people they couldn’t forgive. Most of the subjects who forgave people who hurt them felt less of a pain after the experiment and noted a decrease in their stress related back and stomach pain and other spiritual and physical symptoms. Don’t forget that not forgiving causes us to accumulate negative feelings, which in the end cause illnesses. Some research show that the main reason behind certain illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes is such negative feelings. Don’t forget, forgiving doesn’t mean loving that person, speaking to that person, finding that person right. Forgiving is freedom. People you need to forgive may be people you cannot get rid of in your life like your children, your mother or your father. Give at least three chances to people, no matter who they are when they mistakes that are hard to forgive. If the attitude that hurts you continues for the third time and you are sure that you are right, forgive one last time and write that person off.

Think about roses, become rosy

“Think positive, be positive.” This is a common saying in Turkey. The concept we call as positive thinking is exactly this. But do not get it wrong, positive thinking process does not only consist of thoughts. It is a process of not caving in to negativities, of believing that there is something to do under all circumstances and that positively affects someone’s life. Positive thinking, which the Eastern philosophy is based on, is now also adopted by the West. Positive thinking means being “solution-oriented”. Positive thinkers focus on using all possibilities around them in a manner that will serve them. Yes, the current situation is bad enough, so what can I do to improve it? It requires accepting the situation and searching for a solution. We can summarize what positive thinking adds to our lives with these words of Rumi: “Brother, you are made of thought; the rest is just flesh and bones. Think of a rose, you will become a rose garden; think of a thorn
and you will grow thorns.”

More kindness, more peace

One of the concepts that is hard to describe is “kindness.” You can call all favors you do without waiting for anything in return as “kindness.” Feeding stray cats, offering a piece to your neighbor from the cake you bake, explaining a lesson to someone or helping someone find an address. You don’t get anything in return for such favors; you spend time, you share and you are being kind. As you do more favors, you are filled with positive energy and this makes you feel better. According to a research conducted by Dr. Lynn Alden and Dr. Jennifer Trew from British Columbia University published in Emotion magazine, acts of kindness help people overcome social anxiety and feel more positive in general. The results proving that simple acts of kindness like giving small presents and thanking people have very important effects and is one of the components of overcoming anxiety shouldn’t be surprising. Maybe the only thing that should be surprising is that peace and happiness created by kindness has positive a positive effect on physical health; for example it protect the heart. Hence, another research of British Columbia University proved that kindness and empathy have positive effects on hearth and physical health. The research conducted by Hannah MC Schreier, Kimberly A. Schinert-Reichl and Edith Cohen in 2013 in Canada with 10th grade high school students, 53 out of 106 students whose blood pressure, body mass index and hearth rhythms helped primary school children living in their own area for one hour a week without waiting for a return. The other 53 students didn’t join any volunteering activities. The findings gathered through 10 weeks showed that the 53 students in the first group have more regular hearth rhythms, lower cholesterol and body fat levels. The reason is simple; when you act kind, your stress levels get lower, even for a little while, your hearth routine will be isolated from the daily rush and you start noticing beautiful things you hadn’t noticed before. The same thing happens when you receive kindness as well. Acting kind and all those positive feelings created by kindness are contagious. Even seeing kindness when it is not directed to you makes you feel better. Experts call this the “snowball effect.” You do more favors as you see them, as you do them or as you receive them. However, good deeds you do as a task, because you have to wouldn’t create the same satisfaction; this is something that needs to come from inside.

More laughter for a healthier life

Are you aware of how good smiling and laughing is good for the body? Of course you do, that feeling of being delightful is exactly because of that. A strong and beautiful laughter for a few minutes not only decreases your emotional stress but also relaxes your muscles and that effect lasts for 45 minutes. Your stress hormone levels decrease as you laugh, your immune cells and thee armory they produce enhances. Thus, your resistance to illnesses will increase. Laughing also delays aging as it increases the growth hormone, which is also known as the youth hormone. Similarly, it also ensures secretion of body’s own painkiller, endorphin, which also makes us feel better. Other benefits are shortening recovery periods from illnesses and providing protection against cardiovascular disease. Before we forget, people who smile often are also deemed more attractive!

More personal willpower, less super hero expectation

If Turkey has a superstar, it is definitely Ajda Pekkan. You can feel happy, cheerful and cool by listening to her songs. But do not expect anything else. “They can think, decide, pick the best for me, save me and change my life … ” Such expectations would lead you nowhere and you’ll be left spitting into the wind; left in a boat in the river without paddles. You will go wherever the river takes you … Instead of thinking, “some must be taking care of it,” take responsibility. First hang onto your paddles. Do you think this is only about your life? Make it your duty to side with the right in social events, be someone who queries, is conscious and who demands better things in terms of arrangements regarding human rights, children and environment; take actions that will affect decision makers for peace and safety of your country and the world.

More control, easier treatment

Hey! We’ve entered a new year; let’s not talk about depressing issues. But wait a minute if we’re talking about health; it wouldn’t hurt to frown a little and read this page. Now take your phone and immediately get a control appointment by looking at the list below. Don’t be afraid. See your family practitioner or an internal medicine specialist and explain about your family’s medical history. Even if there is no medical history of your family (in some new diagnoses of new types of illnesses, 80% of the patients do not have a medical history), ask them to list tests suitable for your age. Do not postpone. You can only give the chance to say, “1 got it covered at an early age,” to yourselves. Apply this for all your health issues, from your dental health to cancer scans. This will also ensure a higher treatment rate and at the same time less expensive and easier treatments. We wish you healthy days full of peace and happiness in the New Year…

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Simplifying life and embracing a minimal lifestyle

Simplifying life and embracing a minimal lifestyle will make life easier, which is really complicated for many of us. Apart from the benefits of a simple life, such as less stress, less cleaninp up, a more organized enviroment and more money, it also has many advantages that will change our lifestyle and our outlook in life. Embracing a minimal lifestyle is worth trying because of the spiritual and phisical peace and lightness it brings. Adopting a minimal lifestyle isn’t limited to the inside of our home, but can be implemented to many areas in life such as our emvironment, friendship and our work environment. The shoes and clothes that we buy just because they are the latest fashion the extra plates that we buy not because we need them but because we liked them too much, the electronic products with many features we do not use or even know of, all the items that unnecessarily occupy space, places we don’t enjoy, unwanted friendships and moore. The transition to a minimal lifestyle that allows us to focus on what we really need by getting rid of what we don’t need mey seed a little hard at first, but once we start, it helps us discover that life isn’t really that hard at all.

lt’s Time to Start a Minimal lifestye If;

  • You go shopping to alleviate your daily stress eve n though you don’t need anythinq.

  • You feel suffocated by all the furniture in the house, and you are tired of dusting every little thing when cleaninq.

  • You are living in houses 15-20 times larger than the actual space you use and this tires you”

  • You feel unhappy because you can’t say “No”;

  • You can’t find a place for all the items in the house”,

  • You complain that 24 hours isn’t enough for you”

  • You have too many unnecessary and unused applications in your phons..

  • There are a lot of people in your social media accounts that you don’t talk to or don’t want to see”

  • There are a lot of clothes in your closet but you stili can’t decide on what to wear and say “I don’t have anything to wear”
    at the end

When Transitioning to a Minimal life,

Living a minimal life is entirely up to you. There of course may be people who want to adopt a minimal life st yle but find this process too challenging. Transitioning to a minimal lifestyle isn’t easy, it’s a process that requires determination and setting rules. One of the recommendations to ease the transition period is to give up one item you already have for anything new you buy. The idea of giving up a shirt you alteady have at home when you decide to buy a newone, allows you to ask yourself “Do i really need it?” as well as reducing your dependence on old items. If you are prepared to embrace a minimal life, the important thing here is; be patient and start slowly. You can start reorganizing with just one room or maybe just a single drawer. By doing everything at the same time and trying to get rid of everything at once, you can make wrong decisions and back out on the idea of a minimal lifestyle.


lt’s Time to Embroce Minimal lifestyle

Determine Your Style and Needs

One of the rules of minimal life is determining your st yle and needs. Buying something just because you like it not because you need it results in
unnecessary shopping. If you are certain of your st yle then your shopping would also be certain. Therefore determining your needs and st yle, and making a shopping list accordingly before actually going shopping, prevents you from buying things you don’t need or out of your style.

Review Your Closet

There are many unused items in closets and drawers. Things that have been bought a long time ago and have been unused for maybe eve n years are obviously things you no longer need or care for. Sometimes it may be difficult to say goodbye to such things, even if they haverı’t been used in a long time, but sharing them with those who actually need them would make both sides happy.

Get Rid of The Excess in Your Work Environment

The simplicity and spaciousness of the work environment is a factor that facilitates workflow and helps enjoy working. The Cıutter on the workdesk or the computer desktop tires the mind and complicates the work done. It is possible to work more efficiently and successfully by adopting a work environment that is in order, simple and clean from any unnecessary items.

Spare Some Time for Yourself

Spending time on yourself instead of shopping and having the time to think result in positive outcomes. Making plans for the luture, getting hobbies and doing things that make you leel good provide both happiness and a leeling ol success.

Specify Un necessary Time Spent

You can learn to spend time on yourself, your surroundings, loved ones and interests by using time efficiently, which is done by making a general evaluation of the things you want to do but can’t because you feel you don’t have enough time. To do that, you can take notes on what you spend your time on in a day, and determine the unnecessary time spent.

Give Technology a Little Break

Taking a break from technological tools such as phones, televisions and computers, which are constantly present in everyday life, at certain times during the day, makes it possible for you to communicate more efficiently with yourself and your loved ones. As hundreds of ads on your phones or e-mail adresses exhaust you without even realizing, it is recommended to delete those that are not of interes!.

Review Your Friendships

There may be a lot of people in your general life, phone contact list or social media that you don’t ever talk to or don’t want to see. Whereas, having people that you really care in every aspect of your life, makes you more free and happy without eve n noticing.

Oon’t Complain Too Much

Negative thinking and talking exhaust both you and the person you are talking to, and make your thoughts eve n more negative. A person who is devoid of bad feelings and
thoughts feels simpler and lighter.

Learn to Say No

Another way of simplifying and easing life is getting rid of your extra burdens. It is impartant to say “no” to things you don’t need and you think it requires extra time you can’t spare ar unnecesarily occupy space in your life.

Oon’t Make Your Suitcase a Burden

Why would an enjoyable trip ar a holiday be a burden to you? lt is possible to lighten your travel load by packing few items that can turn into dilferent outfit combinations instead of packing a lot of unnecessary things when preparing your suitcase. The most impartant thing when traveling is enjoying the road and the holiday.

You Will Feel Good. ..

It is a fact that we don’t need to have too many things to be happy. Having fewer things actually means having less responsibility. And less responsibility is an important factor that reduces stress. Having too many things makes us feel overloaded and disorganized. This limits the freedom of the person by reducing mobility. As the number of distracting items
decreases, people start devoting more time to themselves and their surroundings. By getting away from places and people you don’t enjoy, you in fact start feeling better without even realizing. One of the greatest positive outcomes of minimal life is being more happy in financial terms and feeling financially free. Disposing of the unnecessary things in your life brings happiness, tranquility and peace of mind.