Stunning beauty: Austria

Vienna, Scladming, Innsburg and Oetzel… My route in Austria. I took enjoyable notes for you from foods and drinks to luxury, from arts to skiing…

This time we set out with a small tour group to explore the world-famous Austrian mountains, the Austrian part of the Alps. My first stop was Vienna, the city of the waltz. The traces of huge Austro-Hungarian Empire in Vienna are observed almost everywhere. It is so pleasant to be lost in the streets in this city full of the best examples of Baroque architectureWe are in the center of Vienna called the 1st district” full of stone buildings with high ceilings, a sight we are familiar with thanks to Pera. Coffee is a very special drink for Vienna. It was a legacy to this city where the Ottomans waited at the doorstep but could not conquer. After the siege, the coffee in the Ottoman spoils turned into a passion in Vienna. My recommendation is Cafe Sacher, who has been offering Turkish coffee in Vienna since the earliest years...

AustriaRecord holder museum: Albertina

The second stop was the Albertina Museum in Vienna, a city famous for its museums and coffee. This building, which was once a palace, exhibits many works of art today. The habit of collection that began in the 1800’s ensured works of many important artists such as Dura and Monet to be exhibited in this museum. Albertina museum has a record in its field with more than 1 million pieces of art, thanks to the habit of collection that has been going on since those years. The rooms and dining halls museum preserved from the palace are really worth seeing. The building was transformed into a gigantic complex with the sections added to the museum. I especially recommend you to see rooms with walls containing silk weaving. With the sculptures, charcoal drawings, and oil paintings, Albertina Museum is a must see place...

Another museum to visit in Vienna is the Museum of Art History. Especially the Rafael hall is remark- able. Obviously, it is impossible to admire these paintings defying centuries... Do not forget to have a coffee at the cafe of this museum where you can see many works of art.


When you go to Vienna, be sure to visit the 1st district, Belvedere and Schnburun Palaces. Apart from that, the Heroes Square is one of the places to be visited. This is the area where Hitler addressed Austrians in World War II documentaries. You can even see buildings from the Middle Ages in the 1st district of Vienna. The remains of the Roman walls and the underground remains are also here...

Shopping suggestions

You should definitely go to Kaerntner strasse for shopping in Vienna. The worlds most famous brands are here. The street is closed to traffic. The biggest square of Austria is also at the end of this street… You can see many sculptures and the most special examples of baroque architecture in this square. Of course, I was so hungry after all these sightseeing. I asked around, and I found Vienna’s traditional dishes in The Hut Restaurant. I started with the creamed chestnut soup and continued with the famous Wiener meat schnitzel. Saying goodbye to Vienna, I set out to one of the biggest skiing centers of Austria, Schladming, with tour group.

AustriaA colorful life in Innsburg

Although Innsburg is relatively a small city, it is exactly a student city and life is very live. In ordinary European cities, the night life ends at 9 but it continues in Innsburg despite the freezing cold weather. A large majority of the citys population is composed of university students. My first stop in Innsburg was the Christmas Market. To go to Christmas Market, I used the called Hoffcasse which is closed to traffic. This street has restaurants, small shops where you can shop, and boutique hotels. You can taste the traditional Inssburg life here. Since Innsburg is close to the southern border, there are some customs a little different from the Northern Austria, and the daily habits of the people also vary. The shops are colorful because it was before Christmas. The thing that attracted my attention was the artificial fragrant flowers. Since the winters are really cold in the region, the only solution is to decorate the houses with these flowers.

AustriaThe atmosphere in the Christmas Market took you back to the old days. The traditions surviving since the 18th century still continue the same in this market. From the booths where you can buy souvenirs, to the areas where you can eat, from the traditionally dressed orchestras playing the songs of times of the Austrian royal family to the artists entertaining the children with street theater, you can see everything. The market had a full magical atmosphere. After completing this pleasant evening, the next stop was another Austrian ski resort, Oetzel, but in the morning, I visited the Swarovski Art Museum, the most important brand of the region.

World renowned brand Swarovski came from the town Wetten, very close to Innsburg. They had world famous sculptors and artists from all around the world create special works of art using Swarovski stones. And the Austrians exhibit these works in a museum called Swarovskis Crystal World. This museum, which was opened 20 years ago in honor of the 100th anniversary of the company, is really popular. By the way, I learned that these stones were not natural but produced with their own secret recipe. I wanted to leave the museum before I lost myself in Swarovskis magical world, and I set out to my next stop, Oetzel.

AustriaIn Oetzel, in the pursuit of luxury…

My first stop in Oetzel, which I reached after a 2.5-hour journey, was ICE Q Restaurant, which was in in the last James Bond film for 20 minutes. I was able to get to the peak of the peak at 3,000 meters by changing two cable cars. And when I got to the restaurant, I realized why they called this place an ice cube… This all-glass restaurant has two storey and offers one of the most expensive menus in the world. But this high price range does not seem to have discouraged the visitors. If you do not book 6 months in advance, you will not have a chance to eat in this place. The kitchen is a fusion cuisine. The menu that I tried before but I got very different tastes when I tried it all together was really delicious. Anyway, it is said that those who want to come here for a vacation, first make a reservation for this restaurant and then decide on their hotels.

AustriaEven in sunny weather, the temperature was -12 degrees. The scarcity of oxygen due to the altitude causes you to get tired easily. Another importance of the region is that it has a border with Italy. While Austrians used some part of the Alps here, Italians use the other part for tourism.

Another important aspect of the region is thermal water. Especially the Aquadome Hotel opened in 2004 is a very featured hotel with its 200 rooms. Even when the temperature is -10 degrees outside, you can swim in the hotel‘s outdoor pools and heal. Especially the giant outdoor pools connected by water channels are worth seeing...

I completed the trip in Oetzel and returned to Istanbul. The most beautiful of all the cities embraced me, but it would be unfair if I do not say “you should absolutely go to Vienna”. It was a great trip...

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