Simplifying life and embracing a minimal lifestyle

Simplifying life and embracing a minimal lifestyle will make life easier, which is really complicated for many of us. Apart from the benefits of a simple life, such as less stress, less cleaninp up, a more organized enviroment and more money, it also has many advantages that will change our lifestyle and our outlook in life. Embracing a minimal lifestyle is worth trying because of the spiritual and phisical peace and lightness it brings. Adopting a minimal lifestyle isn’t limited to the inside of our home, but can be implemented to many areas in life such as our emvironment, friendship and our work environment. The shoes and clothes that we buy just because they are the latest fashion the extra plates that we buy not because we need them but because we liked them too much, the electronic products with many features we do not use or even know of, all the items that unnecessarily occupy space, places we don’t enjoy, unwanted friendships and moore. The transition to a minimal lifestyle that allows us to focus on what we really need by getting rid of what we don’t need mey seed a little hard at first, but once we start, it helps us discover that life isn’t really that hard at all.

lt’s Time to Start a Minimal lifestye If;

  • You go shopping to alleviate your daily stress eve n though you don’t need anythinq.

  • You feel suffocated by all the furniture in the house, and you are tired of dusting every little thing when cleaninq.

  • You are living in houses 15-20 times larger than the actual space you use and this tires you”

  • You feel unhappy because you can’t say “No”;

  • You can’t find a place for all the items in the house”,

  • You complain that 24 hours isn’t enough for you”

  • You have too many unnecessary and unused applications in your phons..

  • There are a lot of people in your social media accounts that you don’t talk to or don’t want to see”

  • There are a lot of clothes in your closet but you stili can’t decide on what to wear and say “I don’t have anything to wear”
    at the end

When Transitioning to a Minimal life,

Living a minimal life is entirely up to you. There of course may be people who want to adopt a minimal life st yle but find this process too challenging. Transitioning to a minimal lifestyle isn’t easy, it’s a process that requires determination and setting rules. One of the recommendations to ease the transition period is to give up one item you already have for anything new you buy. The idea of giving up a shirt you alteady have at home when you decide to buy a newone, allows you to ask yourself “Do i really need it?” as well as reducing your dependence on old items. If you are prepared to embrace a minimal life, the important thing here is; be patient and start slowly. You can start reorganizing with just one room or maybe just a single drawer. By doing everything at the same time and trying to get rid of everything at once, you can make wrong decisions and back out on the idea of a minimal lifestyle.


lt’s Time to Embroce Minimal lifestyle

Determine Your Style and Needs

One of the rules of minimal life is determining your st yle and needs. Buying something just because you like it not because you need it results in
unnecessary shopping. If you are certain of your st yle then your shopping would also be certain. Therefore determining your needs and st yle, and making a shopping list accordingly before actually going shopping, prevents you from buying things you don’t need or out of your style.

Review Your Closet

There are many unused items in closets and drawers. Things that have been bought a long time ago and have been unused for maybe eve n years are obviously things you no longer need or care for. Sometimes it may be difficult to say goodbye to such things, even if they haverı’t been used in a long time, but sharing them with those who actually need them would make both sides happy.

Get Rid of The Excess in Your Work Environment

The simplicity and spaciousness of the work environment is a factor that facilitates workflow and helps enjoy working. The Cıutter on the workdesk or the computer desktop tires the mind and complicates the work done. It is possible to work more efficiently and successfully by adopting a work environment that is in order, simple and clean from any unnecessary items.

Spare Some Time for Yourself

Spending time on yourself instead of shopping and having the time to think result in positive outcomes. Making plans for the luture, getting hobbies and doing things that make you leel good provide both happiness and a leeling ol success.

Specify Un necessary Time Spent

You can learn to spend time on yourself, your surroundings, loved ones and interests by using time efficiently, which is done by making a general evaluation of the things you want to do but can’t because you feel you don’t have enough time. To do that, you can take notes on what you spend your time on in a day, and determine the unnecessary time spent.

Give Technology a Little Break

Taking a break from technological tools such as phones, televisions and computers, which are constantly present in everyday life, at certain times during the day, makes it possible for you to communicate more efficiently with yourself and your loved ones. As hundreds of ads on your phones or e-mail adresses exhaust you without even realizing, it is recommended to delete those that are not of interes!.

Review Your Friendships

There may be a lot of people in your general life, phone contact list or social media that you don’t ever talk to or don’t want to see. Whereas, having people that you really care in every aspect of your life, makes you more free and happy without eve n noticing.

Oon’t Complain Too Much

Negative thinking and talking exhaust both you and the person you are talking to, and make your thoughts eve n more negative. A person who is devoid of bad feelings and
thoughts feels simpler and lighter.

Learn to Say No

Another way of simplifying and easing life is getting rid of your extra burdens. It is impartant to say “no” to things you don’t need and you think it requires extra time you can’t spare ar unnecesarily occupy space in your life.

Oon’t Make Your Suitcase a Burden

Why would an enjoyable trip ar a holiday be a burden to you? lt is possible to lighten your travel load by packing few items that can turn into dilferent outfit combinations instead of packing a lot of unnecessary things when preparing your suitcase. The most impartant thing when traveling is enjoying the road and the holiday.

You Will Feel Good. ..

It is a fact that we don’t need to have too many things to be happy. Having fewer things actually means having less responsibility. And less responsibility is an important factor that reduces stress. Having too many things makes us feel overloaded and disorganized. This limits the freedom of the person by reducing mobility. As the number of distracting items
decreases, people start devoting more time to themselves and their surroundings. By getting away from places and people you don’t enjoy, you in fact start feeling better without even realizing. One of the greatest positive outcomes of minimal life is being more happy in financial terms and feeling financially free. Disposing of the unnecessary things in your life brings happiness, tranquility and peace of mind.