Siblings are both best friends and biggest rivals. The diversity of the relationship between siblings emerges from the interaction of factors such as gender, age difference and order of birth. This relationship can also vary depending on the attitude of the parents, quality of the marriage and family conflicts. The dispute between siblings will naturally increase in a home environment with lots of conflict, and the kids will become angrier. There are some advantages of having a certain amount of conflict between siblings. Because siblings always find a way to compromise after every conflict. This enables them to demonstrate the same ability In their social life. However, although it has its benefits, the conflict between siblings is the issue parents most struggle with when raising children.

Children can suddenly start fighting when all seemed well before. You can help them get over this by changing the topic and emphasizing an occasion where they got along well and were happy together. Grown ups that get along well set a good example for kids, and encourage them to get along as well.

Remind your children to solve their problems by talking not by fighting, and that they can always come to you for help if they need it.

Siblings often fight over small matters, in these cases draw their attention to different things.

Children should be bored as little as possible. Because they generally start behaving negatively and fighting with each other when they dont have anything to do and they‘re bored.

Help your children to empathize with each other. If they can understand what the other one feels, they will likely get along better.

Spare a special seperate time for each children, even if it’s short.

Emphasize the situations where your children cooperate and get along well, and reward them.

Be sure to watch them carefully.

Be good role models as parents, getting along well with other people and successfully solving conflicts encourage them to copy your behaviour in their own relationships.

Trying to stay calm, speaking in a low voice and being understanding, allow them to take you more into account.

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