Preventing fatigue is in your hands

Most of us experience periods of feeling a mind or severe fatigue. What can cause these sometimes short and sometimes long periods of fatigue? Peerhaps some are easily correctable… Lets try to explain step by step methods for fighting fatigue…

6-8 hours of sleep each night is of great importance for health. Divided, low quality, lack of or too much sleep can seriously disrupt the immune system, significantly weaken memory, and cause distraction. It reduces mental and physical performance and reduces problem solving skills. It can even lead to a predisposition to diabetes, hunger even when full and weight gain.

I have more bad news, in animal trials, in those left deprived of sleep, tumour growth increases 2-3 fold. The relationship between insomnia and cancer is not limited to this. It can disrupt the balance of hormones like melatonin (a sleep hormone and antioxidant) related to the internal biological clock, leading to a weakness towards oxidative agents which lead to cancer. Stress related, heart, blood pressure, stomach, intestinal and psychiatric conditions can be increased. In conclusion, achieving a healthy sleep pattern should be your first priority. You con start by avoiding movies, books or e-moil which con preoccupy your mind before bed.

Regular breakfast times

Some people feel a lack of energy when they do not have breakfast, and others experience the opposite, and do not feel hunger or fatigue at all before lunch despite skipping breakfast. One must remember that, while we are all similar, we are different and must listen to our bodies. Make your own decision. Some people are more vigorous and energetic in the mornings, others in the afternoons, if possible plan your work accordingly. Leave the harder work to hours when you are more energetic.

How many liters of water should we drink?

Many of us have heard that we should drink around 3 liters of water a day for our health. This does not have a very scientific basis. The amount of water and salt lost by healthy individuals in sweat, physical activity carried out, ambient temperature, types and amounts of food consumed, metabolic rate and kidney function differ from each other. Therefore the amount of water we need requires from day to day or even during the day. The sense of thirst is the most important determinant. Generally dark urine, dry tongue and skin indicate a lack of water, urine should be pale yellow in color. It is difficult to rely on a sense of thirst in the elderly, and 1.5 liters a day of urine production should be expected. A small drop in water, even of 2-5 percent can lead to a drop in blood pressure in the vessels, causing deficiency in delivery of sufficient nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. This case can lead to fatigue, headaches, muscle aches and lack of energy.

The power of red meat

Iron, which is important not only for making blood, but for brain, nerve, muscle and skeletal system functions, is not token sufficiently with food or is decreased due to reasons such as menstruation, stomach, hemorrhoid bleeding, then it must be supplemented. Taken together with Vitamin C increases absorption in the stomach. Plant iron differs chemically from animal iron, as animal is easier and faster to be absorbed, the first choice is red meat.

Stress is a matter of perception 

Excellence, ambition and anxiety; causes difficulty in the brain and nervous system carrying out their regulatory effects on the other organ systems of the body. If you do not enjoy your work or profession, then it is difficult to escape your predicament. Stress is a matter of perception. Changing your perspective and trying to be optimistic, and devoting time to non work related hobbies can make things easier. The time allocated to work being productive depends on your productive the time allocated to rest is.

Learn to say “no”

Saying “yes” to everyone, does not please you but them. Be optimistic but also realistic, know to say “no” when required, do not waste your energy.

What about coffee?

While coffee has many benefits, if consumed in the late evening hours, it can reduce the effect of sleep hormone melatonin. To avoid disrupting your internal biological clock, stop consuming coffee 4 hours before bed. As it will also result in a loss of water, drink a glass of water before coffee.

Weekend wake up times

Working hard during the week and waking up more than 1 hour later on Saturdays or Sundays can disrupt your internal biological clock Even if you go to bed late on Friday and Saturday night, do not change your wake up time by much, if you do not get enough sleep, make do with a 20 minute nap in the afternoon. This will give you energy.

Energizing and organic foods

Almonds, walnuts, nuts, shellfish, dark red fruit, black chocolate, are the first choices when fatigue is experienced. When undercooked red meat is consumed, it can make you feel better due to the co-enzyme Q-10, 812 vitamin and minerals it includes. It is thought that organic foods contain higher antioxidant and mineral content.


Empathy is being affected by the mental state of those with us. Spending time with happy people that we love increase our productivity, optimism. Similarly, for example working at charities causes an increase in physicol and spiritual energy.

Sun and vitamin D

No more than 5-10 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin 0 con be obtained through food, and it is closely related to muscle, bone, brain-nervous system, metabolism, thyroid, immune, ovarian, digestive, prostate functions. It is the vitamin whose deficiency is seen the most as it cannot be produced in the body without sunlight. Healthy sunbathing in the summer is required to avoid lack of energy and weakening of the immune system, while in the winter the blood level must be kept at normal levels with supplementation.

A life without sports is unthinkable

An inactive life prepares the ground for many chronic diseases. Regular exercise, in addition to giving energy, delays the effects of aging, supports the growth hormone, prevents depression, causes the release of a substance which is a pain killer and gives a feeling of happiness, regulates blood pressure and helps to produce vasodilating chemicals to develop the brain and nervous system. At the end, you feel energetic. To feel these benefits, you must exercise 3 days a week or more.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C plays an important role in many chemical reactions in the body. It increases the production of the molecule which provides the strength and elasticity of the skin, joints and connective tissue, bones and blood vessels, prevent body wear and aging, and allows the production of Carnitene which is required for the production of energy from fat, and the fight hormone noradrenaline. All mammals, with the exception of humans and a few others, can synthesize vitamin C in the body. As we do not have the ability to synthesize or store the vitamin, we have to take in vitamin C constantly.

Thyroid disease

The thyroid hormone, one of the main hormones of the metabolism, can lead to severe fatigue in the event of a deficiency of iodine and selenium in the food. Consuming seafood 2-3 times a week can solve the problem. In addition to the deficiency, excess consumption of iodized salt can also lead to different thyroid diseases.

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