Peer pressure

Peer pressure by definition is when a child is forced or encouraged into doing something by the influence of his friends in the same age group. Peer pressure is a part of every childs life. At same point in their life, all children are influenced by their friends due to their need of acceptance and succumb to the pressure.

Same children not only go through usual peer pressure but also find themselves among friends that influence them negatively. It is known that children with low self esteem, who need acceptance and approval, who lack selfconfidence and the ability to say no, and whose social skills arent fully developed are prone to form such friendships. Parents can not prevent their children from experiencing this; however there are things they can do to reduce the negative effects of such experiences.You should have a close relationship with your child. Children who have a close bond with their parents relate to them so much more, and share all kinds of problems and difficulties with them.

You should explain to your child that peer pressure is a com mo n problem far all children and even for most adults, that its not something that only he is going through. If they know what kind of a process this is, the misdirection of their peers won’t affect them as much.

lt is impartant to schedule regular family events at frequent intervals. The more children spend time with their parents, the less the degree of damage that they will suffer from peer pressure.

You should try to get to know your childs friends and their families. Thus, you would understand the type of influence your child’s friends could have on him, and see whether their family values coincide with yours

You should avoid criticizing your childs friends. They would strive to see these friends eve n more often just to oppose the unfairness of it and to stand behind their commitment to them. Instead of negatively criticizing people you dont want your child to be friends with, try talking about the wrong behaviours and situations.

If you encourage your child to make friends with children of different characters, you will allow him to encounter with various situations and values, thus helping him develop more solid criterias for the friends he chooses to keep. A child who is able to make friends with various other children wont have to succumb to the pressure of any friend, thus staying away from anyone who doesn’t sit well with him and turning towards friends with whom he feels more compatible.

As parents, reward your childs confident and assertive behaviour, as long as he isnt being disobedient. Know that, children tend to often repeat rewarding behaviour

As parents you should teach your child to defend whatever he believes in. Teach him how to say NO. You can accomplish this by a game of role playing.

In the end, no matter what you do your child could still give in to peer pressure and may distance himself from you because of these unfavorable friendships. You can remind him that he would have to face the consequences of this mistake by using positive discipline methods like enforcing certain restrictions, preventing him from seeing those kinds of friends or compensating him for any damages he
may have caused.