Football, art and eating pleasure in MADRID

Madrid is the frequent destination not only of football enthusiasts but also of art-lovers and those who enjoy good tastes... I suggest you to lodge at the city center of Madrid. I lodged in a suburb named Leganes and used public transportation. Although the accommodation fee was cheaper, when public transportation and ticket costs were added, it was not that much cheap. Staying at the hotels located in Atocha region might be more reasonable.

Our first stop in Madrid was Sol Square. Known as the heart of Madrid, this square is full of street performers.Many actions perfect for taking a nice Madrid selfie are hidden in this square and of course you should pass through Sol Square to go to fantastic tapas makers. If you want to benefit from many things at the same time, Sol Square is important. I’d like to state that a bear climbing a tree is the symbol of Madrid which you can see almost everywhere. Further, the photos taken in front of the statue of a bear climbing a tree mean a guarantee of coming Madrid one more time. By the way, the names of all streets are also decorated with visuals. The reason is to make the addresses be found easily by illiterates. Another place to see in the Sol Square is the zero point of Spain. Many people take photos here and immortalize the moment.