What do the most famous of children’s books tell us?





“Happiness Game”

Written by Elenoor H. Porter, this book is among the classics of children’s literature. Pollyanna, looking at the good in everything, shows how being positive makes life easier. The main character, who does not give up on playing the “Happiness Game” taught to her by her father years ago despite the many negative experiences she has, is loved by everyone with her sincere and friendly spirit. By supporting those who need help, she gives great benefits to those around her. Living with her grumpy aunt, Pollyanna teaches us that you can be happy in any circumstance, and that this is possible with the feelings in our heart. This book, which brought us the term Being Pollyanna, teachers our children the importance of being happy, while showing how struggling against difficulties makes life better. Pollyanna aims to create happy individuals with her little game.

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