What do the most famous of children’s books tell us?

Readding, a habit of great importance for the development of our children, is a great help in steering our thougth and feelings. In order to have a part in this habit, we discuss the children’s books amoung the world classics and the important messages they have in honor of this mount’s Children’s Book Week.

Properly raising our children, our greatest treasures, is on the top of our list of ideals. Knowledge learned in childhood being memorable, and showing itself throughout life causes us to be constantly following our children and being protective of them. When leaving our treasures as a legacy to the world, our greatest source on pride I believe would be to see them with a strong character, conforming to the concepts of virtue, morality and humanity… In order to achieve this we must install our children with the love of reading, which is of great importance for every age. A love of reading, spoken about by Nobel Prize-winning author Maxim Gorky as “Every book has taken me from the crowds, from the ordinary to humanity, to humanism, and is a step to understand a better life, and to experience a deep thirst for it.”, when adopted at a young age allows for individuals who know what to do in difficult times, who are successful and sensitive to the world to emerge.

While children’s books develop the imagination, they are a great hope in the most unbearable moments of life. While acquiring new friends, they allow you to get to know other lives and even go beyond Mount Qaf. Children’s books, which present various subjects from a deep conversation with a fox, a prince searching for the truth, a fish trying to find freedom, and the harm of being greedy, are not just guides for young people, but also adults. World Children’s Book Day, celebrated in the second week of November every year, focuses on the love of reading which must be instilled in our children. During this beautiful week, we have featured educational children’s books who have never lost their value. Perhaps tomorrow you can select one and give yourself and your children a brand new world.

The Little Prince

“People can only see the truth with their heart”

The Little Prince children's booksLittle Prince, published in 1943 and whose importance increases each day, does not base itself on a single point in giving a lesson. The book, which focuses mostly on the changes that growth brings out in people, explains that those innocent emotions felt as a child must not disappear. Our prince, who is thought to be drawing a hat when he is drawing a cobra swallowing an elephant, who shares what he knows and sees with disappointment, takes us to the stars.

The Little prince, who has to go to other planets due to the whim of rose which began to grow by change on his planet, comes across many people in characters we see often in daily life, and points out negative feelings from vanity to avarice. The book, with lines such as “Conceited people never hear anything but praise”, “What makes the desert beautiful, is that somewhere it hides a well” holds a place in the importance of the love of books. The book, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has something to teach everyone, big end small.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“Nothing is impossible Charlie”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, reminding us that family is more important than everything, is a guiding story for children not to feel bad feelings. During a trip to the chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka, what happens to children due to their negative feelings is the subject. With coupons distributed by Willy Wonka, children by the names ofVeruca, Violet, Augustus, Mike and Charlie come together at a chocolate factory. The purpose of the trip is for Willy Wonka to choose his successor.

Augustus and Violet lose their chance due to greed, Veruca due to arrogance and being spoiled, and Mike because of his curiosity. Smart and good Charlie, who lives with his family in an old, wooden house, is the winner of the competition. However he rejects the chocolate factory that he would only obtain if he leaves his family, and gives Willy Wonka a big lesson, bringing him together with his father.

Written by Roald Dahl in 1964, the book tells the story of what can happen to children due to bod feelings, and what being a good child can bring. The book suited for age nine and above, also brings smiles to faces with several film adaptations.

The Little Black Fish

“I wonder where the stream ends”

The Little Black FishThe story of this little black fish living in a stream is told from the perspective of on old fish. Written by Sahmed Bahrengi, the book has been translated to many languages and remains important to this day. The story told by the old fish to his children and grand children, deals with the difficult life of a fish living in a stream who is pressured by his surroundings. The block fish, burning with the desire to reach the great seas, is a guide to young readers with his struggle against difficulties. The Little Black Fish, who resists other fish for freedom, is pursuing new knowledge. Our fish, who realizes the world is a great place worth discovering, braves obstacles to pursue his dreams and finally reaches the sea he desires so much. The Little Block Fish, which tells the importance of learning, discovering, struggling, curiosity and dreaming, is a book that has its own audience on the theater stage.

Alice in Wonderland

“Free to dream”

Alice in WonderlandOur day dreaming heroine Alice, who wishes to add color to her boring life, decides to follow a white rabbit and opens up new doors for us.

Written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym of Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland teaches us about the beauty of day dreaming, and teaches us that fantastic worlds will make a difference to our lives. Stressing the importance of love, and aware of the power of this love, when Alice follows a strangely dressed rabbit who is late to an appointment, she steps foot in the Wonderland of Queen of Hearts. Our heroine, who continues her journey with the help of magical food, wins our hearts with her dialogue with the Mad Hatter. In this book, where to dream is free, giving our children this freedom, with the bad hearted queen losing the battle, the importance of being good is shown.


“Happiness Game”

PollyannaWritten by Elenoor H. Porter, this book is among the classics of children’s literature. Pollyanna, looking at the good in everything, shows how being positive makes life easier. The main character, who does not give up on playing the “Happiness Game” taught to her by her father years ago despite the many negative experiences she has, is loved by everyone with her sincere and friendly spirit. By supporting those who need help, she gives great benefits to those around her. Living with her grumpy aunt, Pollyanna teaches us that you can be happy in any circumstance, and that this is possible with the feelings in our heart. This book, which brought us the term Being Pollyanna, teachers our children the importance of being happy, while showing how struggling against difficulties makes life better. Pollyanna aims to create happy individuals with her little game.

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