Colours of spring in the middle of winter

Yes,it is winter time and the sky is grey, and the weather is cold. Perhaps even the leaves of the tree you pass each morning have already fallen to the ground. Almost all the flowers around save their colour for the summer. They’re resting. But never mind… There are winter flowers to bring the colourful beauty of spring and summer. In the world of flowers blooming in cold weather, even the winter months are colourful!

Of course, there is nothing like spring… Is there anything like the joy of watching nature put on a colorful display with its awakening? The budding tree branches, green leaves… Or the display of flowers to make the most beautiful work of art envious. Yes, there is nothing like spring, nothing like the colors of spring. But that doesn’t mean that we must be deprived of the wonderful beauty of flowers during the winter months … There are flowers that bloom in spite of the dismal weather, the grey of winter. Flowers that give the experience of spring, of summer during the winter months…

With the weather beginning to cool down, flowers generally fade, drawing to a rest until the warmer days. However, among the plants grown on balconies or inside our houses, there are those that love the cold weather, which bud and bloom in the cold. The cooling of the weather is not an obstacle to the growth of winter flowers. It is not at all difficult to create a rainbow of colors with winter flowers even in the cold weather. As long as care is taken with their growth, winter flowers are just as beautiful and colorful as those blooming in the warm weather. From cyclamen to camellia, there are many flowers that bloom in winter. Winter flowers beautifying your balcony, your home can live for many years with good care…


Cyclamen winterWhoever said that all flowers like the worm weather?. Cyclamen loves the cold weather. It blooms in autumn and winter, and summer is a time of rest. As the weather worms up, they stop all their life activities and enter into a period of rest. Cyclamen can be called the queen of winter flowers. The period between October and April is the flowering period for the cyclamen. While they are mostly in shades of red, they also have white, pink and purple. They ore one of the flowers most durable to the cold, with types that can withstand up to -8 degrees. Their need for a breeze, clean air must be met. They thrive in the shade. There are mostly white markings around their veins. Colorful flowers extend from the heart shaped leaves.

How to core for Cyclamen?

The cyclamen requires the most water when it is in bloom. It must not be left without water during this period, however should not be watered to the point that it accumulates at the bottom. Acidic and lime free soil must be preferred. Cyclamen should be kept out of sunlight. It will be happy in on airy, cool location.


Azalea winterAzaleas are carefree, easy flowers. They are also generous. If they like their position then they will bloom abundantly. Their appearance cheers those who see them. Azalea will not only make you happy in the winter months, but all through the year. Azaleas are one of the most popular balcony plants. They are small, elegantly branched, beautiful plants. While they can adapt to all seasons, there is a temperature they love best. They desire places that are not dark, partly sunny, party shaded, breezy and humid. Their location being airy is very important. In stuffy locations, they can become vexed. They are not at all suited for hot climates and being left without water. They will not do well in areas with long hours of sun. However they must also have a little sun; sunlight other than during the hours of noon will bring azaleas to life. They have beautiful colors, purple, red, white. But the most loved of all is the pink azalea. A pink and abundantly flowering azalea will bring cheer to any garden or balcony.
How to care for Azaleas?

They must be watered in different amounts during the winter and summer months. While care should be taken not to leave them without water in the winter months, in the summer months they must be watered twice a week. The day and amount of water must not be changed. Frequent changing of pots will disturb the azalea, the pot must also not be too big, azaleas are grown in smaller pots.


Camellia winterCamellia, which originates from the Far East, resembles the rose. It is the flower of a plant that has hard, evergreen leaves or shrub. It has leaves in both winter and summer. Their small, oval leaves open with elegance. When they bloom in November and May, a striking beauty is revealed. The Camellia, with white, pink, red and yellow co loured flowers, is a much loved, valuabled pot plant. It is a plant that blooms in the winter months, however if cared for inside the home, then the temperature must be around 16-17 degrees. In shady places they can dry out quickly, shedding their buds. They want neither excessive sun nor excessive shade. If planted in the garden, a partly shady location will be well suited for the camellia. If the camellia is being grown in a pot, the most ideal soil mixture would be good garden soil, partly red clay soil, partly chestnut soil, some pure turf, and burnt manure.

How to care for Camellia?

It is a flower that must not be left without water. In the winter months, it must be watered enough to keep the soil moist, and in the summer months it must be watered at least twice a week. Watering the potted camellia from above, for the water to reach all of the soil will keep the plant healthier. Pot changes are recommended between the months of June- July.


Gardenia winterGardenias are such delicate flowers, that attention must be paid to every detail, they must be cared for well. However their appearance and sweet scent are so charming that they are worth every effort. Gardenias deserve the most precious location of your garden or balcony They bloom white flowers from among bright, green leaves. They are plants that can be grown in winter, but they prefer mild winters. Very cold winter months are not suited for gardenias. Sea air in particular is well suited for the growing of gardenias. In moist weather the leaves and flowers gain strength. The pot should be raised in an area of some sun, and must be kept away from direct sunlight. Gardenias should be ventilated at least two-three times a day. It does not like the place being moved, and must be kept in a fixed location. When choosing gardenia soil, acidic soil should be preferred.

How to care for Gardenias?

Gardenia watering requires great care. Watering must be carried out when the soil has lost half the moisture. The soil must not be left too dry or too wet. The use of drinking water is recommended. If tap water is to be used then the gardenia must be watered after it is rested for a few days.


Primrose winterCan there be a winter garden without primrose? Of course not. The primrose is the essential guest of winter gardens, balconies. It blooms many flowers from among the green, veined leaves. The color changes in the flowers are worth watching. The center of the flower is different, the middle different, and the tips another colour altogether. The transitions between these colors take your breath away. There are red, white, pink, cream, orange, blue and purple flowering varieties. Their roots ore fringed. Being in too cold or too hot weather is not good for their roots or flowers. In addition, being in a place with air flow will not be good for the primrose. The environment where the primrose grows must not fall under 14-15 degrees. The plant, coiled Primula Obcnica, is also known as the eleven month flower. Entering a period of rest in the summer, the primrose blooms in the winter months.

How to care for Primrose?

The primrose must be watered twice a week in the summer, and once a week from above the pot in the winter. Water must not be left in the bottom of the pot. Thus any smell or pests in the soil of the plant con be prevented. Changing of the soil of the primrose should be carried out in April. When changing soil, the matter to pay attention to is that the primrose should be planted in a pot at most one size bigger.

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