BERLIN, More than just a place of beauty…

Berlin is somehow more than just a beautiful city. It is an outstanding, cosmopolitan center with an impressive history which still retains its thrill. It is a city that rose from the ashes of war after near-complete destruction. It is a novel to write, a movie to shoot; in other words, a masterpiece.

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor): A landmark of Berlin. Built between 1788 and 1791, Brandenburg Gate is Berlins most popular tourist attraction. Brandenburg Gate has twelve columns, six entrance and six exit gates. It is also the gathering place for protests, events and celebrations. Furthermore, Brandenburg Gate is also the symbol of a united Berlin. It was opened again on December 2.2“d, 1989 when Helmut Kohl was the Chancellor of West Germany.

The Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer): A 46 km.long wall built in 1%1 to prevent East Germans from escaping to West Germany. For many years it was called the “Wall of Shame.It was brought down on November gh, 1989.

The Reichstag: The building of the German Parliament, the Reichstag opened in 1894 and was destroyed at the end of World War II. The cupola that was added during its reconstruction is a large glass dome which was placed on top of the building which allows a 360-degree angle of sight. It reflects sunlight directly into the parliament building. Hitler never entered the building.

Museum Island (Museumsinsel): Museum Island is the museum complex built on the Spree River. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. There are five museums on the island: Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the Altes Museum.

Pergamon Museum (Pergamonmuseum); This museum consists of three sections: Classical Antiquity, Old Near East Museum and Islamic Arts Museum. The Pergamon Zeus Altar, Milet‘s Agora Gate, Pergamon Athena Temple Entrance Gate, Pergamon Athena Sculpture and the Aleppo Room are on exhibit.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial); A memorial for the Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust. It is an open air museum.

East Side Gallery: An international memorial to freedom. It is a 1.3 km section of the Berlin Wall with 105 paintings on the wall.

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