A new year; a new you

We all need new beginnings. There are areas we want to improve, habits we want to change and emotions we want to get rid of Turn a new leaf for your targets such as enrolling to a dance course or learning a new language which you never had the chance to. Take care of your physical and mental health and focus on steps you can take for your society and the world…

Vitamin D, is a great hormone of calcium metabolism. It assists absorption of calcium in the intestines and re-absorption of calcium from the kidneys. Risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease increase in individuals with vitamin D deficiency while cognitive functions deteriorate. Vitamin D is also important for our natural immune system. There is an increasing correlation with a long life and vitamin D. In other words, if you want to live a longer life and not forget what you lived, don’t underestimate vitamin D. Our body produces the vitamin D it requires when type B ultraviolet sunbeams touch the skin. Vitamin D levels of a lot of people are low even in Turkey, which has a high number of sunny days. This is because we are enjoying sun less and less due to the requirements of the modern age. Due to electronic entrapments (like phones, computers, TV, etc.), we spend most of our time indoors. We don’t want to disturb you right when we’re entering a New Year but one of the targets you set for yourself for the New Year should be spending more time outdoors. Make a habit of spending time outdoors by exposing your hands, ankles and face to sunlight at least for 40 minutes a day. You will feel more energetic and happy…

Let go and forgive

Enter a new year by letting go of all resentments of the past year. It is not easy but this will be an award you will give yourself this year. Forgiving means replacing your rage against another human being or towards yourself with love. Look what Dr. Davut ibrahimoglu says: “By forgiving, you get rid of the pressure of justifying yourselves all the time due to rage, hatred, pain, accusations and feeling victimized. If you hate someone or something, even if you turn around and walk away, you will be tied with a ring to them even stronger than steel. Forgiving is the only solution to free yourselves from this ring. This is also very beneficial for your health. For example, Frederic Luskin and his team of Stanford University invited 259 subjects to six one and a half hour sessions in an experiment in San Francisco. Subjects shared their bad memories and talked within themselves to people they couldn’t forgive. Most of the subjects who forgave people who hurt them felt less of a pain after the experiment and noted a decrease in their stress related back and stomach pain and other spiritual and physical symptoms. Don’t forget that not forgiving causes us to accumulate negative feelings, which in the end cause illnesses. Some research show that the main reason behind certain illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes is such negative feelings. Don’t forget, forgiving doesn’t mean loving that person, speaking to that person, finding that person right. Forgiving is freedom. People you need to forgive may be people you cannot get rid of in your life like your children, your mother or your father. Give at least three chances to people, no matter who they are when they mistakes that are hard to forgive. If the attitude that hurts you continues for the third time and you are sure that you are right, forgive one last time and write that person off.

Think about roses, become rosy

“Think positive, be positive.” This is a common saying in Turkey. The concept we call as positive thinking is exactly this. But do not get it wrong, positive thinking process does not only consist of thoughts. It is a process of not caving in to negativities, of believing that there is something to do under all circumstances and that positively affects someone’s life. Positive thinking, which the Eastern philosophy is based on, is now also adopted by the West. Positive thinking means being “solution-oriented”. Positive thinkers focus on using all possibilities around them in a manner that will serve them. Yes, the current situation is bad enough, so what can I do to improve it? It requires accepting the situation and searching for a solution. We can summarize what positive thinking adds to our lives with these words of Rumi: “Brother, you are made of thought; the rest is just flesh and bones. Think of a rose, you will become a rose garden; think of a thorn
and you will grow thorns.”

More kindness, more peace

One of the concepts that is hard to describe is “kindness.” You can call all favors you do without waiting for anything in return as “kindness.” Feeding stray cats, offering a piece to your neighbor from the cake you bake, explaining a lesson to someone or helping someone find an address. You don’t get anything in return for such favors; you spend time, you share and you are being kind. As you do more favors, you are filled with positive energy and this makes you feel better. According to a research conducted by Dr. Lynn Alden and Dr. Jennifer Trew from British Columbia University published in Emotion magazine, acts of kindness help people overcome social anxiety and feel more positive in general. The results proving that simple acts of kindness like giving small presents and thanking people have very important effects and is one of the components of overcoming anxiety shouldn’t be surprising. Maybe the only thing that should be surprising is that peace and happiness created by kindness has positive a positive effect on physical health; for example it protect the heart. Hence, another research of British Columbia University proved that kindness and empathy have positive effects on hearth and physical health. The research conducted by Hannah MC Schreier, Kimberly A. Schinert-Reichl and Edith Cohen in 2013 in Canada with 10th grade high school students, 53 out of 106 students whose blood pressure, body mass index and hearth rhythms helped primary school children living in their own area for one hour a week without waiting for a return. The other 53 students didn’t join any volunteering activities. The findings gathered through 10 weeks showed that the 53 students in the first group have more regular hearth rhythms, lower cholesterol and body fat levels. The reason is simple; when you act kind, your stress levels get lower, even for a little while, your hearth routine will be isolated from the daily rush and you start noticing beautiful things you hadn’t noticed before. The same thing happens when you receive kindness as well. Acting kind and all those positive feelings created by kindness are contagious. Even seeing kindness when it is not directed to you makes you feel better. Experts call this the “snowball effect.” You do more favors as you see them, as you do them or as you receive them. However, good deeds you do as a task, because you have to wouldn’t create the same satisfaction; this is something that needs to come from inside.

More laughter for a healthier life

Are you aware of how good smiling and laughing is good for the body? Of course you do, that feeling of being delightful is exactly because of that. A strong and beautiful laughter for a few minutes not only decreases your emotional stress but also relaxes your muscles and that effect lasts for 45 minutes. Your stress hormone levels decrease as you laugh, your immune cells and thee armory they produce enhances. Thus, your resistance to illnesses will increase. Laughing also delays aging as it increases the growth hormone, which is also known as the youth hormone. Similarly, it also ensures secretion of body’s own painkiller, endorphin, which also makes us feel better. Other benefits are shortening recovery periods from illnesses and providing protection against cardiovascular disease. Before we forget, people who smile often are also deemed more attractive!

More personal willpower, less super hero expectation

If Turkey has a superstar, it is definitely Ajda Pekkan. You can feel happy, cheerful and cool by listening to her songs. But do not expect anything else. “They can think, decide, pick the best for me, save me and change my life … ” Such expectations would lead you nowhere and you’ll be left spitting into the wind; left in a boat in the river without paddles. You will go wherever the river takes you … Instead of thinking, “some must be taking care of it,” take responsibility. First hang onto your paddles. Do you think this is only about your life? Make it your duty to side with the right in social events, be someone who queries, is conscious and who demands better things in terms of arrangements regarding human rights, children and environment; take actions that will affect decision makers for peace and safety of your country and the world.

More control, easier treatment

Hey! We’ve entered a new year; let’s not talk about depressing issues. But wait a minute if we’re talking about health; it wouldn’t hurt to frown a little and read this page. Now take your phone and immediately get a control appointment by looking at the list below. Don’t be afraid. See your family practitioner or an internal medicine specialist and explain about your family’s medical history. Even if there is no medical history of your family (in some new diagnoses of new types of illnesses, 80% of the patients do not have a medical history), ask them to list tests suitable for your age. Do not postpone. You can only give the chance to say, “1 got it covered at an early age,” to yourselves. Apply this for all your health issues, from your dental health to cancer scans. This will also ensure a higher treatment rate and at the same time less expensive and easier treatments. We wish you healthy days full of peace and happiness in the New Year…

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