2017 Horoscope yearly overview

2017 Horoscope

Dear Readers … Happy New Year! I wish you a great year in 2017 but mostly health, happiness, welfare, luck and peaceful days. We certainly have left a tough year behind. What should we expect from this year as the whole world according to astrological data? Which signs will have plenty of luck? The planet of luck, Jupiter will remain in Libra this year until October 11. Due to the retrograde starting on February 4, the world in general may face hard times financially; we may witness interesting developments regarding foreign exchange rates and the stock exchange market. It means investments will slow down. During this time until June 12, there may be delays in loans-sale-purchasing. The first eclipse of this year will take place on February 11 in Leo. This may be a hard time for Leos and Aquarius and rising Leos and Aquarius. Then, the annular solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26 may bring changes and add on more responsibilities for Pisces. The lunar eclipse on August 7 and the eclipse on August 21, 2017 at 28 degrees in Leo will be only visible from the u.s.

Be careful about issues regarding children between July and October, 2017. New technological advances regarding birth may emerge. We may lose important artists around these times. It may be a very dry and hot summer. There may be new discoveries or important events regarding the sun. The ego wars of world’s leaders might be even tougher this year. Retrograde of Saturn will take place between April and September and in Sagittarius. Do not get the impression that only negative things will take place this year as we always undergo positive and negative developments each year. As this year doesn’t include a Mars retro, wars may diminish. Accomplishments in sports might take the lead. After October 11, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and in the last two months of the year, brings great luck to Capricorns, Scorpios and Pisces. Until then, those who are or Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius ascendants will continue to accomplish their dreams. Of course, it depends on you to create opportunities. You should receive support from astrology and continue to follow us each month. Now, let’s see what astrology predicts for each sign and how the eclipses affect you personally.


Dear Aries and Aries ascendants; 2017 will be the year you will gain strength psychologically and your self-esteem will be boosted. February is looking especially lucky for both in matters related to love and relations. The lunar eclipse in Leo on February 11 indicates a decision regarding marriage or serious and new relationships. If you’re a married Aries, your spouse might face some critical financial opportunities. Venus’ retrograde on March 4 may have deteriorating effects on your health or cause problems with your friends and this effect might continue until mid-April, Try not to exaggerate things and definitely do not neglect your health. The period between April 21 and May, may be a psychologically rough period and you might want to be left alone. The second part of the year is looking very positive financially. The solar eclipse on August 21 brings luck to those wanting to have children. Your ability of expressing yourself will increase, thus, improve your love life. It will also end problematic relations. It seems that this will be the year you will get the opportunity to use talents you haven’t noticed in yourself before or have delayed using. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Taurus and Taurus ascendants; Friendships will become more important in 2017. You may acquire new business partners and enter into positive initiatives. The solar eclipse on February 26 will offer you the chance of realizing and extending your plans for a new environment and for the future. Yet, during this period, try to act in a planned manner and be inquisitive; do not take anything for granted. After March 11 and throughout April, you will be very active and may be prone to accidents. Your relation with your spouse might cause tension. You may feel aggressive and exhausted due to the intensity in April. Try to make time for resting. Venus in your sign in June brings surprises in your love life. You will be dazzling everyone around with your charm. You may want to spare some time for exercise and personal care. The solar and lunar eclipses in August will affect mat- ters related to your home. Especially in September, one of the elders in your family might have some problems or you may change houses or do repairs or decorations in your current house. With Jupiter transiting to your opposite sign after October 11, you are entering into a financially lucky and productive period; you are getting closer to your dreams step by step. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Gemini and Gemini ascendants; 2017 will be a very intense year for you. You might have much more socializing to do when compared to last year. You may travel a lot. You will receive trainings and courses you have been thinking about attending for some time now and spare more time for yourselves. The solar eclipse on February 26 is affecting your career house. You may improve yourself or make sudden changes in your career. New job opportunities may arise. The new opportunities arising during this period will bring their results in June; you will be rewarded for your patience. Mercury’s retrograde in April might cause preventions and misfortunes. Be on the safe side. You may also have small health problems in this period. Mars will wear you out the most in May. You might have to work harder than ever. You may feel aggressive. Venus entering your sign in July will make you more attractive and loving. It will be a month full of your partner’s compliments. Eclipses on August 7 and 21 are in your communication house. If you have any siblings, you may witness some changes in their lives. If you don’t, you may go on unexpected travels. Finally, let me give you some good news. Saturn moving forward in your opposite sign, Sagittarius is leaving you free as of December 21, 2017. You are leaving a tough period behind. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Cancer and Cancer ascendants; 2017 will be a year that will be financially rewarding and full of developments that will ensure that you are confident about the future. You may turn opportunities into investments. Again, the best times for such investments will be times when planetary alignments give out positive energies. You will have a great deal of luck in August, when Venus is in your sign. June-July may bring hard work and various activities. You may come and go between feeling aggressive and energetic. You may host many guests. The eclipses in August will have an effect on the financial status of your spouse and inheritance. If you have any ongoing legal lawsuits, they may be resolved in September. You might want to spare more time for yourselves; joint art classes or scientific trainings. Especially with the eclipse in your friendly sign, Pisces on February 26, you will more productive on creating something in live, making changes in your house; if you have children, you will want to secure their education and your family values. The solar eclipse on August 21 is in your money house. You may come across sudden and unexpected events related with inheritance, alimony or your spouses’ finances. I wish you a year you will fulfill your dreams.


Dear Leo and Leo ascendants; 2017 is like a turning point for your life… The solar and lunar eclipses this year may bring a lot of changes. You may get married, have children or establish a new business. You may purchase immovable properties. Last year, with the effects of the planets, you became more of an introverted. You started criticizing everything and everyone and became more pessimistic. The reason was the eclipses affecting your subconscious. Everything felt insufficient. However, this year, you will realize that you can change things; your efforts and compromises will finally payoff. There is a lunar eclipse in your sign on February 11. You may feel confused; have communication related problems with your partner. Don’t pay too much attention or feel bad about it. This is the energy of a new page opening in your relation. You may also receive the offer you’ve been waiting for a long time. July looks extremely busy. You will be enchanting; loved and become financially relieved. The full solar eclipse on August 21 is in your sign. This may cause you to act out of rage and may encounter some endings. This year is the year of change in your life. If you are elderly, there may be a risk of operation or lose your loved ones. Of course, my respect for the divine plan is infinite. When changes are required, even if we do not undertake them; the eclipses force us. I wish you a year you will fulfill your dreams.


Dear Virgo and Virgo ascendants; 2017 will be the year in which you will realize what is more important for you in life and a year of spiritual development and maturing. You under went crucial changes last year due to eclipses. You encountered losses of elder members of your family, financially tough times, new business initiatives and responsibilities. Now, with eclipses in February and August, is the time to reveal the conditions and individuals pressuring you. This year you will value yourself more and wear yourself out while making sacrifices for those around you and your loves ones. You shouldn’t neglect your health in 2017. You may have to pay attention to issues related with exercise or diet you have been ignoring for a long time or delayed health issues may surface. Or you may have to part ways with your colleagues. In transit effects, there is Mercury’s retrograde in your sign on August 13. Some of your programs may be unfinished. You may have trust issues in communication with your partner. However, these issues will be resolved between September 11 and October l. Be wary of accidents between October 10-23. After October 11, with Jupiter’s transit to Scorpio, I can announce the good news that you are entering into a new period with a lot of traveling and opportunities for improving and training yourself and you will take steps in order to make your dreams come true. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Libra and Libra ascendants; 2017 might be the year your hopes, vision and your environment undergo great deal of changes. You may bring your talents into open. Due Jupiter retrograding in your sign on February 4, you might encounter some issues regarding your debts from your past or monies owed to you by others. You need to arrange your finances accordingly and make a balanced spending plan, especially since this effect will last for 4 months. More secure and peaceful days when your efforts will payoff are waiting you are starting from June 12. There is a solar eclipse on February 26 and this means you need to pay extra attention to your health. You may witness unexpected developments if you have subordinates. The most intense and lucky month for you is October… With Venus entering your sign on October 15, you will be enchanting everyone and feel loved and cherished. The 2nd half of the year is more suitable for making your dreams come true. The solar eclipse on August 21 will affect your relations with your environment. You may make an attempt at new jobs that will require you to be more social. You may feel resentment towards your friends. Eclipses offer us what we normally cannot notice. We need to believe that beauty lies after every negative event. Therefore, don’t worry about planetary angles that will reveal what you cannot comprehend. I wish you a great year that will offer you your dreams …


Dear Scorpio and Scorpio ascendants; You will have a much easier time in 2017. You are one of the signs that easily overcome issues this year. You had a rough year this year; especially in terms of financial matters. Debts pull you down as you struggle to get out. You had ups and downs and ambivalence in your love life. You will enter into a more relaxed period on February 26. Jupiter’s retrograde in Libra might affect you at the last twist. I can truly say that you will be a lot more at ease in June. Especially the planet of chance, abundance and all things material, Jupiter’s transition to your sign as of October 11, 2017 heralds that you will feel happy in all aspects of life for about a year. However, Mercury retrograding in your opposite sign on April 10 may make you feel aggressive and tired. You may encounter deadlocks in communication; feel the need to be alone. As of November 8, Venus is bringing you beauty, love and compliments. It looks like a very pleasant November-December. The solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 might bring forth changes related to your career. You may change your city, occupation and if you’re married, the occupational status of your spouse may undergo some changes. You may have to take on more crucial responsibilities. Try not to make sudden decisions and avoid making mistakes. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Sagittarius and Sagittarius ascendants; In 2017, you will encounter developments mostly in higher education, trade and outlook on life. Eclipses in February 11 and February 26 are affecting your home, family and 1st degree relatives and you may encounter changes or problems related to these matters. You may make repairs in your house or move. Saturn is moving forward in your sign and you have been in a period of trial for the past 2 years; in other words these are tough times. This planet’s retrograde as of April 5 may make you feel like it doesn’t help no matter what you do and cause you to give up. I believe you can overcome these long and troubled times that will last until August with patience and understanding. Saturn is leaving your sign as of December 21. You may feel the need to be calm and quiet between February and June during Jupiter’s retrograde. You may relax by focusing on your hobbies. You may keep your distance from your older brother or sister or your friends. Your good intention may be abused. In your private life, you may feel happy in July and August and surprise your loved ones. You will take good care of yourself and go on delightful trips with those you care for. With the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21, you may get the opportunity to travel to the countries you’ve always dreamed of visiting. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Capricorn and Capricorn ascendants; You will be extremely active and busy in the first part of 2017. You will be working at full speed. The eclipses in February will offer you the chance to become at ease financially. However, this would mean working hard and tiring yourself out. You should pay more attention than usual to your diet in February and March. This year, you may feel more peaceful in general. Your efforts in personal growth are making you long for a more pleasant and quiet life. With the solar eclipse on August 21, you may enter into new financial partnerships or may come across problems hard to overcome with your current partner in July, August or September. You need to act patiently and make decisions with precaution. Jupiter’s retrograde starting on February 4 might cause delays in payments you’re expecting. You should be ready and planned during this period, which will continue until June 12. For you, Capricorns, who love to make savings after hard work, the 2nd half of the year is looking luckier. You will spend the first half of 2017 working and the second half reaping the harvest. As Mercury and Mars will not visit your sign throughout the whole year, you will know what you want and feel more secure. Saturn moving into your sign at the end of the year may introduce you to a new education program. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Aquarius and Aquarius ascendants; 2017 is a year you will encounter sudden changes. Eclipses in your sign and opposite sign are demanding growth from you. Changes you will attempt in your personality will have very positive outcomes. You may learn to be more positive and faithful. Solar eclipses on February 11 and August 7 in Aquarius and in your opposite sign, Leo on August 21, may bring you unexpected opportunities yet, also health problems, issues with your spouse or loss of loved ones. I want to emphasize that change might have either negative or positive consequences. Depending on your personal chart, you may start a family by getting married, have kids or move … You should be solemn, planned in your attempts and make sure you do not take any sudden decisions to turn energies to your benefit. Instead of criticizing your partner, you should complement them and be happy. If you are single, you may meet someone whom you’ll end up in a serious relationship with or get married to. The most important thing is not to pass any sudden decisions out of rage. Financially lucky times continue. This year will be more positive than last year. With the eclipses, you may want to act more careful especially in August. Jupiter’s transit to Scorpio on October 11 will bring luck in your life abroad and your educational life. Do not neglect your health. I hope you have a great year to your liking.


Dear Pisces and Pisces ascendants; In 2017, you will consider your relation or marriage the most. You may scrutinize your partner more than usual and try to change them with your criticism. For Pisces who aren’t married, your relationship might turn more serious. Due to the solar eclipse on February 26, you may take on more serious responsibilities and undergo change. Your physical outlook, perspective on life, behaviors and decisions might undergo transformation. Between April 4 and 15, Venus is retrograding and therefore, try not to make any changes about yourself, get into arguments with your spouse or make financial investments. These dates aren’t suitable to get married either. Mars in your sign throughout January will make you more energetic and social. You may get rid of your stress by practicing sports you like. Saturn’s retro is again in your career and profession house this year. You will continue to be busy. As a result, this may cause you to change jobs. Jupiter is entering to Scorpio after October 11, which means you will be entering much more orderly and financially lucky times. The solar eclipse on August 21 is in your health house. Your health may deteriorate especially in summer months and September. You may suffer insect stings or poisoning. You should act carefully. If you have subordinates, problems may occur. I wish you a year you will fulfill your dreams.

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