14 Actors who regretted their iconic roles

Most actors have played a role they regret.

When an actor is in an iconic movie, it’s easy for viewers to forget that the actor isn’t the character. And that’s exactly why many actors’ careers are forever changed after appearing in hit movies. Of course, the same happens when actors appear in terrible movies. In either case, while fame is often a consequence, it’s not always positive. Here we’ve gathered 14 actors who majorly regret their iconic roles in movies you’ve definitely seen.

14. Robert Pattinson as Edward in “Twilight

For those who dislike “Twilight” but admire Robert Pattinson as an actor, it comes as a sort of relief that the actor hates the films probably more than anyone else. The London native told “Empire Magazine” he played vampire Edward Cullen “as a manic-depressive who hates himself,” and called the books’ author, Stephenie Meyer, “completely mad” in an interview with E! Online. It’s said that Pattinson was very vocal about his distaste for the franchise even during filming.