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7 ways to happiness

We wait for something to happen to us to be happy, but this not exactly the right way. Because good things just do not happen themselves that often. We need to44


A new year; a new you

We all need new beginnings. There are areas we want to improve, habits we want to change and emotions we want to get rid of Turn a new leaf for your targets44


Tax Haven Countries

PANAMA, OFF SHORE, There are lots of countries if you want to hide your real income. They offers very profitable, tax free rates. Only thing you should do44


Peer pressure

Peer pressure by definition is when a child is forced or encouraged into doing something by the influence of his friends in the same age group. Peer pressure44


Alanya full of grace

Alanya  with a history of thousands of years and a unique view, is one of the major tourist spots of not only Turkey, but of the world. Located about 135 km44


Frantic Researcher Club

Decades before Fellow Consolmagno had a space rock named after him out of appreciation for his commitments to planetary science, he was a directionless history44